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Volk Field Air National Guard Base

Volk Field is one of only four Air National Guard Combat Readiness Training Centers in the nation, and the only one that does not share its airfield with a civilian airport. In addition to its primary mission it is also an Aerial Port of Embarkation.

Volk Field is entirely owned by the ANG. It consists of 2,300 acres adjacent to Interstate Highway 90/94, north of the Village of Camp Douglas. The single runway is oriented 09/27 and is 150 feet wide and 9,000 feet long with 1,000 foot overruns. The runway can accommodate all military aircraft and has both precision and non-precision navigational approaches along with a tower and radar approach control. There are 40 acres of aircraft parking available.

Juneau County Economic Development Corporation (JCEDC)

While strategies may have shifted over the years, our focus remains the same. Today, Juneau County Economic Development Corporation has taken a multi-faceted approach to further business development in order to create jobs and community wealth. JCEDC works collaboratively within the region to enhance the physical environment, increase the economic vitality and to improve the quality of life for everyone. Located in Wisconsin’s upper Midwest, Juneau County boasts a pro-business culture at the state, county and local levels of government, offering many public and private incentives.

Wisconsin Procurement Institute (WPI)

The Wisconsin Procurement Institute (WPI), a non-profit organization established in 1987, is an outgrowth of then Congressman Les Aspin’s efforts to help Wisconsin businesses win federal contracts, especially defense contracts. WPI’s mission is to assist Wisconsin businesses in creating, developing and growing their Federal, State and Local Government sales, revenues, profits and jobs.