The 12th Annual Volk Field Small Business Conference will take place at the

Ft. McCoy Building 905 Wisconsin Military Academy
90 S. 10th Avenue – Fort McCoy, WI 54656




12th Annual Volk Field – Fort McCoy Small Business Conference

Previously known as the Annual Volk Field Small Business Conference – this year, the conference will be held at Ft. McCoy, WI on June 19 – 20, 2018.


The Volk Field Small Business Conference has drawn over 2,000 attendees across the region in the past 10 years. Businesses interested in contracting with federal, state, tribal and local governments should attend. There will be a range of presentations, panels and meetings with agency and prime contractor representatives for small and large businesses who would like to start or increase their government & commercial sales!

This conference will focus on ISSUES that will IMPACT your business direction, operations, strategy, markets, and SUCCESS.  You will have the opportunity to hear from and meet with regional experts, leaders of the community, potential customers, and potential partners.  And keeping with tradition, attendees will have the opportunity to meet with State and Federal agency as well as Corporate representatives. This is a MUST ATTEND.

 “I have been attending the Volk Field Small Business Event for Several Years. This event helps me keep up to date on all the latest changes happening in our Government and the world of contracting,.  My main reason that I attend is all the great business relationships I have developed over the years; both as clients and suppliers.  The venue is perfect for beginning companies just getting into the market and seasoned contractors.  If you are going to attend only one event this year, I would highly recommend this event.”

– William (Bill) Capelle, Managing Partner, American Pride Industrial Equipment & Services LLC

“I’ve been attending the Volk Field Small Business Conference for the past several years to present information, host a table to provide an explanation of the types of requirements we have at Fort McCoy and sat on panels to field questions from vendors.  One of the greatest things about the conference is that it provides the organization I work for, the Mission and Installation Contracting Command – Fort McCoy, WI, a venue to get our requirements out to a large number of businesses in one place.  We’ve increased the number of businesses we get to consider our requirements and experienced increased competition through getting our information out at this event.  This event is truly invaluable to the success of our mission to contract for Soldiers.”

– Tony Steinhoff, Deputy Director/Chief, Customer Support Division, MICC Fort McCoy

“The Annual Volk Field Small Business Conference provides businesses an organized atmosphere to gain exposure and insight into what big businesses look for when seeking new relationships.  The 1-on-1 meetings are perfect for product/service reviews and allow ample time to provide business plan feedback and suggestion.”

– Melissa Puchalla, Fastenal Company, Director of Supply Chain Compliance